Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are graphic games that are produced by computer algorithm. Football, horse race racing, table tennis are some of the games you can find in virtual sports. All of the games are calculated by using random number generator basically. There are also complicated mechanics thanks to very well regulated advanced algorithms.

How do Virtual Sports Work?

Virtual sports use RNG or complex mechanics to create betting matches. Basically each participant in the game has score values. Probaility of winning is calculated by those values but of course there are different type of values that makes them stronger or weaker. The ones that have higher point value will have more chance to win but of course there are always RNG which makes it fun!

By using this system, virtual sports are becoming more and more similar to real sports. There are always stronger side as well as the luck and other stuff.

In summary, the favourite participants are set by the point values and random number generator puts a luck factor in it and make it less predictable.

Advantages of Virtual Sports

Let's talk about the advantages of one of the most fun betting type -virtual sports.

-Fast and non-stop fun

Virtual sports are generally last a few minutes and you can always find a new game ongoing. This way you can place a bet and get the result in a short time and keep playing on others.

-No outside factors

The real sports have outside factors like bad weather, injuries or current form etc. In virtual sports you don't need to think about these outside factors and play with free mind!


All of the games are calculated by computer algorithms. So these are the most fair way of betting!

-Easy to Play

Virtual sports don't need any knowledge. You don't need to analyze detailly or think any other factors. Everyone can easily jump in and place a bet on virtual sports.

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